Generally every new year we all sit down and make a list of things we want to change right?  They’re usually things like eat more healthily, hit the gym more, quit smoking, drink less … and apparently 66% of us break them within the first month.  Personally I don’t bother making new year’s resolutions except for … More choices


If you’re just looking at getting into sport, I already know you’re thinking “WHAT?!?!”  But seriously, triathlon has grown sooooo much in the last few years and it’s truly a sport for everyone.  Think about it – when you were a kid, weren’t you begging your parents to take you down to the beach or to … More triathlon


I wanted to start off with something that almost everyone can do, almost everyone will find fun, and will take almost everyone to endorphin central … so it had to be trampolining! Trampolining is the best fun ever.  No seriously.  It really is.  I heard about London’s brand spanking new trampoline park in about October 2015 when … More trampolining