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So, a couple of years ago I was sitting around between Christmas and New Year in the usual post-Christmas blur and one of the usual conversations came up on WhatsApp about New Year’s resolutions.  We were all wondering what things we should give up … should we go on a diet?  Exercise more?  Stop drinking for January?  Frankly, it all sounded rubbish to me … diets suck, I already exercise plenty, and what’s the point of giving up drinking for a month?!  Besides life is extremely short and ain’t nobody got time for giving up pleasure.  Therefore, my NY Resolution for 2015 was to squeeze as much fun out of life as possible, starting with visiting 15 new cities in 2015.

However, it seems to me from my experience that there is a massive correlation between health and happiness.   I used to be the biggest exercise dodger on the planet … I famously absolutely refused to do PE at school (I didn’t even bother to make up excuses for this; I simply categorically refused from the age of 13 onwards and amused myself during PE instead – what were they going to do, make me do it?!).  I also know that when I never exercised, didn’t think much about what I ate, smoked like a chimney and never considered what I was doing to my body, I was never truly happy … This was totally sub-conscious I should say; I never realised it at the time, but I was always slightly uncomfortable with being me.  In early 2010, I realised that I really wasn’t that happy about my weight and health and decided to do something about it.  I spent a good four months thinking about a) what type of body I wanted to attain; and b) how to go about it in a way that wasn’t stupid (Kelloggs Special K diet), temporary (3-day “cleanse”) or totally unsustainable (Atkins).  I worked out that I liked the more muscular look (think P!nk rather than Kate Moss) and that to get there I was going to have to do some exercise and work out some kind of nutritional plan.  Given my lifestyle, which revolves around A LOT of eating out, calorie counting seemed like a good way to go, because I knew that if I was going out I could just exercise more to balance out the calories!  The idea was just that I’d lose the weight and that would be that, I didn’t think much about any wider ramifications.

Fast forward six years and I wouldn’t recognise myself from my 2010 self.  I would say that losing weight and generally becoming interested in my health has changed my perception of myself to such an extent that its affected every area of my life.  Here’s a snapshot!

2010 me

  • shy
  • worried about physical activity (long walks, hikes etc) in case my body wouldn’t actually let me keep up
  • lots of good friends, but worried about sharing any concerns I had in case my friends saw the real flawed me
  • not comfortable meeting new people
  • smoking 20 cigarettes a day
  • working as a secretary
  • had a gym membership but hadn’t been since I joined!
  • never thought about being proud of myself for anything
  • not very excited about life

2016 me

  • still a bit shy, but much less so
  • keen to engage in any physical activity going
  • good friends who know me super well – flaws and all!
  • love meeting new people
  • haven’t smoked since 2011 and have never missed it (thank you hypnotherapy)
  • qualified as a lawyer
  • go to the gym A LOT
  • proud of myself for loads of things
  • super excited about life


I had never expected this to happen; to me I just wanted to lose weight and fit into a nice dress, I never expected that I would ever actually enjoy exercise or become proud of myself.  It just never occurred to me that losing weight and becoming healthier would have any wider impact on my life.

As a result, I’m pretty passionate about health generally and I love the idea that exercise can genuinely be fun for everyone regardless of whether they think they love it or think they hate it.  It’s all about finding the right exercise and with that in mind I have tried everything!  This blog and my accompanying YouTube channel aim to get everyone excited about at least one kind of sport or exercise, from walking to trampolining to gymnastics to ultra marathon, together with exploring nutrition, sports clothes (well duh!), trends in health and fitness, books, emotional health etc.  Basically, everything that makes me happy, which is what life is all about!



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