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I got an email today from one of my all-time favourite sites.  It made me think about how much I learn from the interwebs; in particular about health and fitness but also about diet, motivation, ideas for events etc etc … I literally barely know how I knew anything at all before the interwebs.  So here’s a roundup of my all time favourite sites

all-encompassing sites


My all-time favourite site is The Greatest.  I love this site because it contains an absolute wealth of information about almost any aspect of health and fitness you could think of.  Its got healthy recipes, workouts and articles about all aspects of health including diet, exercise and mental and emotional health.  It’s all really well put researched and I trust the articles 100%.

Another similarly all-encompassing site is Mind Body Green.  This is a vegan site and has a lot less vigorous exercise (think more along the lines of yoga and pilates), but I am a confirmed omnivore and I still love it – the recipes are lovely and the articles are very wide-ranging.  I tend to focus on the articles about mental and emotional health on this particular site but I like the happy feel of the site as a whole.

exercise websites


One of the best things about the 21st century is that you barely need to know anything at all – you can always look it up on the internet!  That goes for exercise as much if not more than anything else – if you’re looking for a plan for weightloss, muscle-building, training for a specific event or just general fitness there is almost certainly a plan available on the internet.  However, in terms of quality not all plans are created equal!  These are some of my favourite exercise sites:

  • Real Buzz is holds itself out as being an all-encompassing site, but I find that I use it most for running.  Although it does have recipes and articles about other aspects of health, almost all of its newsletter content revolves around running – and that’s no bad thing because its content tends to be well-researched, wide-ranging and well-written.  It also has a range of free training plans available for various different needs.
  • The Running Bug is similar to Real Buzz in that it does focus on running really, despite attempting to cover a range of aspects of health.  I like this site as the articles are usually very relevant to me, they cover a lot of different matter and they are usually very engaging.  It also lets you log the miles that you’ve run (although it doesn’t sync with running watches so you have to put them in manually) and lets you search for events in your area which is great if you’re looking to do any event up to a marathon.  One thing that drives me mad about this site is that you have to log in before you an access any of its content, and it makes you log in every single time – it doesn’t let you stay signed in.  Therefore I tend to use this site less because I have a loooooong email address and sometimes I just can’t be bothered … however if you can put up with that irritation then it’s a good site.
  • Nerd Fitness is one of the best resources out there for body weight exercises, heavy lifting, and general inspiration!  Set up by Steve Kamb who is absolutely passionate about fitness, it’s full of tips, motivation and training sets.  It’s also got an excellent community forum which contains the answer to virtually every question you’ve ever thought of, fitness wise.  It is, however, very biased towards the paleo diet and way of life, but even if that’s not your thing it’s worth checking out for its happy and encouraging vibe.
  • Kayla Itsines is an Australian personal trainer and fitness coach who has a massive online presence.  She has training programmes which are available to buy and accompanying nutrition guides which are also available to purchase.  On the site for free however you can still get a number of recipes if you want to try out the sort of thing she recommends.  The downside of this site is the everlasting pop-up asking you to purchase her products which doesn’t make it a relaxing browsing experience!
  • Fitness Blender is a fab resource if you’re looking for a training session.  They have a range of sessions available and I’ve done most of them.  They’re hardcore workouts but they’re all good fun and the videos are presented well.
  • Finally, another favourite is Breaking Muscle.  This is a brilliant site if you’re into lifting in particular, though it covers a huge range of material.  The articles on this site tend to be a lot more technical and in-depth, which is great if you really want to understand a particular subject.  It’s closely related to CrossFit but less culty …

foody websites


Since I don’t follow any particular diet, I love a range of cooking/recipe/healthy food sites! I don’t mind whether they’re general recipe sites, low-calorie sites, paleo/primal sites or any other particular diet as long as they have healthy, yummy recipes that are going to fuel me!

Some of my favourites include the following:

  • Mark’s Daily Apple is one of the biggest paleo/primal websites out there – in fact, Mark is the founder of the primal movement.  I love this site because it contains such well-researched articles as well as A LOT of yummy recipes.
  • Cooking Light is a true recipe site in that the bulk of its content is recipes.  It does contain articles about nutrition and guides to healthy living, but primarily it’s made up of easy, healthy and DELICIOUS articles.  It also has a droolworthy instagram account.
  • The Healthy Food Guide is my favourite magazine as every month it’s jam-packed full of recipes, meal plans and articles about almost every aspect of diet.  The accompanying website is also very good, having built up its resources a lot over the last few years.  It’s very much biased towards calorie counting although it also gives the macros for every meal which is great.
  • All Recipes has to be the catch-all for anything you could ever want to cook.  It’s a general site where everyone can upload their own videos and recipes, so you can find literally almost anything!  You can also set up an account and save recipes to it so you can find your favourites later.  I prefer the American site to the English site because it has a wider range of recipes, but both are good.

It’s not exactly foodie site per se, but I also love My Fitness Pal.  I use the app daily to monitor my food intake, including considering my macros and the amount of fruit and vegetables I’m getting in.  The app is available on Android and iOS but even if you don’t have a smartphone it’s totally available online as well.

emotional health websites


Emotional health and happiness is always a winner!  I tend to read books about this subject rather than necessarily going online because there tends to be a lot less out there about emotional health since it is usually wrapped up in health sites generally.

It’s worth reiterating that both The Greatist and Mind Body Green have a lot of emotional health resources on them, especially Mind Body Green.  However, the site that I find deals with this best is Dr Libby‘s site.  Dr Libby Weaver is an Australasian nutritional biochemist who has a fabulous knack of exciting her audience about health generally.  Sadly she generally only tours in Australasia but her fabulous website and books are available worldwide and on Kindle.

Another personal favourite is Breath of Optimism which I only found recently, but which I absolutely love.  It’s such a happy, shiny site, full of life-coaching tips and very well-written articles.  Its very heavily influenced by the thinking behind the Law of Attraction and the Secret which I don’t really subscribe to, but it doesn’t stop it from being an excellent set of resources for positive thinking generally.

I hope these sites give you some inspiration and something that interests you.  Let me know what your favourite sites are – especially if you know any good emotional health websites as I can never find very many!



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